Monday, May 1, 2017

Utah County Republican Party Convention Skybridge High School April 29, 2017

Rob Craig elected County Party Chair

Thomas Wright, National Republican Chairman, James Evans State Party Chair, Phill Wright State Party Vice Chair


Results of the 2017 UCRP Organizing Convention

Results of the 2017 UCRP Organizing Convention.
In order of vote totals:

* denotes elected
County Party Officer Elections

Chair (elected by preferential ballot)
*Rob Craig
Craig Frank
Ryan Boudwin

Vice Chair
*Josh Daniels
Karen Ellingson

*Heidi Balderree
Kristen Chervier

*David Lamb (by acclamation)

State Central Committee Representatives
All elected on a preferential ballot. Results are listen in order of highest preference vote to lowest:
SD7- 4 seats
*1. Marcus Jessop
*2. Carolina Herrin
*3. Kari Malkovich
*4. Scott Ward

SD11, 24, 27- 2 seats
*1. Roger Timmerman
*2. Beth Luthy
3. April Clawson

SD13 - 4 seats
*1. Wendy Baggaley
*2. Renee Braddy
*3. Heidi Balderee
*4. Leah Hansen

SD14- 5 seats - won by acclamation
*1. Lowell Nelson

*2. Kraig Thorne
*3. Kristen Chevrier
*4. Nels Beckstrand
*5. Kirby Glad

SD15 - 4 seats
*1. Arturo Morales-Llan
*2. Peggy Burdett
*3. Cole Souza
*4. Gordon Monson

SD16 - 3 seats
*1. Stan Lockhart
*2. Chris Herrod
*3. Norm Thurston

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Utah County 2017 State Central Committee Candidates at Midnight AFTER filing Deadline. 18 elected officials in Large font.

State Central Committee filings
By Senate District
SD 7 – 4 Seats
Lisa Shepherd
Tamara Atkin
Marcus Jessop
Clayton Tullis
Carolina Herrin
Kari Malkovich
Senator Deidre Henderson
Rep. Michael McKell
Rep. Marc Roberts
Scott Ward
David Kyle Herring

SD 11, 24 & 27 – 2 Seats
Roger Timmerman
April Clawson
Karlen E “Beth” Luthy
Rep. Francis Gibson

SD 13 – 4 Seats
Rep. Cory Maloy
Don Southworth II
Leah Hansen
Jeff Allen
Senator Jacob Anderegg
Wendi Baggaley
Rep. Jefferson Moss
Rep. Kay Christofferson
Joshua Daniels
Kevin Braddy
Heidi Balderree
Renee Braddy

SD 14 – 5 Seats
Kraig Thorne
Kirby Glad
Kristen Chevrier
Pat Holman

Nels Beckstrand
Lowell Nelson
John English
Senator Dan Hemmert
Rep. Keven Stratton
David Lamb
Rep. Brian Greene

SD 15 – 4 Seats
Donald Monson
Cole Souza
Linda Houskeeper
Josman Cereceres
Richard Jaussi
Rep. Val Peterson
Rep. Keith Grover
Senator Margaret Dayton
Peggy Burdett
Arturo Morales LLan

SD 16 – 3 Seats
Leo Lines
Michael Melendez
Joey Smith
Rep. Norm Thurston
Senator Curtis Bramble
Stan Lockhart
Rep.  Brad Daw
Rep. Dean Sanpei
Christopher Herrod
Noelia Anduray

2017 Candidates for Utah County GOP Party Officers (two incumbents: Craig Frank and Kristen Chevrier)

2017 Candidates for Utah County GOP Party Officers
County Party Chair
Name                   Email                                     Phone
Ryan Boudwin                  801.928.3259
Rob Craig                              801.885.7053
Stan Lockhart             801.368.2166
Craig Frank               801.362.3171

County Party Vice-Chair
Name                   Email                                     Phone
Joshua Daniels                 801.234.0676
Karen Ellingson              801.358.3350

County Party Secretary
Name                   Email                                     Phone
Kristen Chevrier              801.369.0468
Heidi Balderree                 801.367.5085

County Party Treasurer
Name                   Email                                     Phone
Amelia Powers   801.367.9856

David Lamb            801.361.0145