Sunday, November 27, 2011


This Pat Bagley editorial cartoon appears in The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Environmental bill drafted in secret zooms to passage

Senator Margaret Dayton's 186 page bill contents were a secret until Wednesday's first hearing where it passed in Interim committee, so now it can go straight to the hill without a public hearing.  The following legislators on the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Interim Committee are the legislators that prevented the bill from going through a public hearing process.

Rep. Roger E. Barrus, Chair
Sen. Ralph Okerlund, Chair
Sen. Casey O. Anderson
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe
Rep. Melvin R. Brown
Sen. Allen M. Christensen
Sen. Gene Davis
Sen. Margaret Dayton
Rep. Brad L. Dee
Rep. Jack R. Draxler
Rep. Brad J. Galvez
Rep. Neal B. Hendrickson

Judy Fahys Salt Lake Tribune
Sen. David P. Hinkins
Rep. John G. Mathis
Rep. Michael E. Noel
Rep. Douglas Sagers
Rep. Stephen E. Sandstrom
Rep. Evan J. Vickers
Rep. Christine F. Watkins
Rep. Ryan D. Wilcox
Rep. Bill Wright

Environmental boards
"Proposed legislation would remove the adjudicative role of the state’s five boards and limit their size to nine members apiece. Each board would have two members from the public, including one from a nongovernmental organization, such as an environmental or health advocacy group. Advocates of the bill say the affected boards — for air quality, radiation control, drinking water, water quality and solid and hazardous waste — would function more efficiently and have a more robust debate with fewer members and clearer duties."  (Judy Fahys Salt Lake Tribune, November 18, 2011)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 17 Central Committee ends in Gridlock

Photo by Keri Witte:  Mike Terry speaking at Central Committee Meeting at Orem High.

Bonnie Marrow was appointed Vice Chair to replace Adrielle Herring who was 
elected to serve a 2 year term at the convention in April.  Adrielle is working on a
Campaign for the 2012 convention.  (Elected party officers must remain
neutral and cannot work on campaigns)

Bonnie Marrow ran for Provo City Council in 2011 and Marion Monahan past
Utah County Republican Party Chair was her campaign manager.

The elected officials and the automatic Central Committee members
successfully filibustered, flexing their muscle in control of the 
Utah County Republican Party, for the entire length of the CC meeting so that
no votes could be taken, except to approve the appointment of the
new Vice Chair.

Automatic Delegates Confuse Chairs and Vice Chairs
The first move by the ex-officios to ensure there would be no votes
at the CC meeting was an e-mail from the following that listed the wrong
date and place of the Central Committee Meeting.

A correction was sent later, but the correction was NOT sent to all CC
members.  ( I never saw the correction.  It was not e-mailed to me and no
one forwarded it to me either)

Delaina Tonks, Chair LD 27 Automatic State and County Delegate
Becky Pirente, Chair LD 56 Automatic State and County Delegate
Erin Madsen, Vice-Chair LD 56 Automatic State and County Delegate
Hayden Williamson, Education Officer LD56 Automatic State and County Delegate
Brian Halladay, Chair LD 57 Automatic State and County Delegate
Beau Sorensen, Chair LD 59 NO LONGER a district chair nor a current member of the Committee
Matt Thompson, Chair LD 61 Automatic State and County Delegate
Marian Monnahan, Chair LD 62 Automatic State and County Delegate (Holds two automatic county delegate seats - one life time)
Don Garlitz, Chair LD 64 Automatic State and County Delegate
Stan Lockhart, Education Officer LD 64 Automatic State and County Delegate (Holds two automatic county delegate seats - one life time)
Don Larsen, Chair LD 65 Automatic State and County Delegate
Chad Bunn, Chair LD 66 Automatic State and County Delegate

The second move to stop the delegate allocation vote was the credentialing lists.

1.         The lists that were printed for credentialing were not current and did not contain the names of the Vice Chairs, but instead had the names of the precinct secretaries who are NOT on the Central Committee.

2.         There were NO name tags or wrist bands or any method of determining who had signed their name on the bottom of the incorrect Leg list.  Anyone who arrived at the location could go in and sit down and vote as a Central Committee member.

3.         They counted chairs and vice chairs in the auditorium (that would be everyone who stood up and said they were a chair and vice chair. ) They didn’t announce from the podium the total number of people who signed in, so there could be a comparison between the actual number of people who signed the rolls and the total number of votes on each filibustered question.

4.          Ballots were passed out to everyone in attendance, so they could vote on delegate allocation, whether they were central committee members or not.

5.         There were approximately 180 votes being cast and there are about 550 Central Committee members.  Where were the other over 350 Central Committee members?

The Ex-officio Central Committee Members prevented voting

In the end the powerful elected officials and other automatic delegates prevented the chairs and vice chairs from having a vote on the allocation of state delegates in Utah County.

Who really controls the Utah County Republican Party?
Do the majority of the chairs and vice chairs want to waste their
time at Central Committee Meetings that don’t conduct business or hold

Sunday, November 13, 2011

48 Precincts received 4 or more state delegates in 2010 delegate allocation

The following precincts all have ex-officio delegates.  The 2010 delegate allocation, according to the Relative Republican Voting Strength in the 2008 General Election, listed first + the ex-officio total next,
gave them the following state delegate totals:

Highland 04          6 state delegates  (4 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Provo 16 , 36        6 state delegates  (3 allocated + 3 ex-officio)
Alpine 04              5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Eagle Mountain 06  5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Cedar Hills 01        5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Lindon 03               5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Orem 24, 36. 43      5 state delegates  (3 allocated+ 2 ex-officio)
Provo 13,40              5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)
Payson 07               5 state delegates  (3 allocated + 2 ex-officio)

The following 35 precincts were allocated 3 state delegates, according to the Relative Republican Voting Strength in the 2008 election, RRS and added one ex-officio to make a total of 4 total state delegates
Highland 02 and 05
American Fork 06
Eagle Mountain 02
Saratoga Springs 03
Cedar Hills 01
Lehi 13
Pleasant Grove 09, 14
Lindon 03
Orem 06, 10, 11, 12, 27, 30, 36, 45, 47
Provo 20, 30, 33, 41, 43, 45
Mapleton 01, 02, 03
Spanish Fork 10, 13, 14,
Salem 01
Springlake 01
Payson 01
Santaquin 02

The following Precincts were allocated 2 state delegates according to their RRS in 2008, and their ex-officio delegate gives them a total of 3 state delegates:
Draper 01
Orem 07, 08, 22
Provo 3, 19,21
Spanish Fork 05, 06, 12

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2010 State Delegate Allocation of 687 State Delegates

#1. The Utah Republican Party (URP) allocated 687 delegate seats to the Utah County Republican Party (UCRP).
 #2. The UCRP scooped 78 seats off the top for the following ex officio state delegates (687 - 78 = 609). 

#3. Each of the 241 precincts was given one state delegate seat (by county rule, which contravenes state party rule):609 - 241 = 368.

If state party rules had been followed (steps #2 and #3 omitted), the following 78 precincts would have received ONE MORE STATE DELEGATE (in other words, they are currently UNDER-REPRESENTED):

American Fork: AF04, AF10, AF11
Alpine: AL04, AL05
Birdseye / Covered Bridge: BECB
Cedar Hills: CH01, CH03
Draper: DR01
Elberta: EL01
Eagle Mountain: EM01, EM03, EM05
Elk Ridge: ER01
Highland: HI01
Lehi: LE07, LE08, LE09, LE15, LE16, LE17
Lindon: LI03
Mapleton: MA02
Orem: OR01, OR05, OR08, OR13, OR16, OR18, OR22, OR25, OR26, OR31, OR32, OR35, OR36, OR37, OR38, OR39, OR40, OR41, OR48
Payson: PA08
Provo Canyon: PC01
Pleasant Grove: PG03, PG04, PG08, PG13, PG14
Provo: PR02, PR03, PR04, PR10, PR12, PR13, PR20, PR32, PR40, PR42, PR45, PR47
Spanish Fork: SF01, SF06, SF10, SF12, SF16
Spring Lake: SL01
Springville: SP02, SP05, SP06, SP07, SP08, SP11, SP15
Santaquin: SQ01
Saratoga Springs: SR01, SR05
Woodland Hills: WH01

Precincts in the list above are grouped by city; precincts in the list below are grouped by house district:

HD 27: AF04, AL04, AL05, DR01, HI01
HD 56: AF11, EM01, EM03, EM05, LE07, LE08, LE09, LE15, LE16, LE17, SR01, SR05
HD 57: AF10, CH01, CH03, PG03, PG08, PG13, PG14
HD 58: LI03, OR01, OR32, OR36, OR38, OR41, OR48, PG04
HD 59: OR05, OR18, OR22, OR39, OR40
HD 60: OR08, OR16, OR25, OR26, OR31, OR35, OR37
HD 61: OR13, PR13, PR20
HD 62: PC01, PR10, PR32, PR40, PR42
HD 63: PR12
HD 64: PR02, PR03, PR04, PR45, PR47, SP02
HD 65: MA02, SF16, SP05, SP06, SP07, SP08, SP11, SP15
HD 66: ER01, PA08, SF01, SF06, SF10, SF12, WH01
HD 67: BECB, EL01, SL01, SQ01

Analysis done by Lowell Nelson on April 23, 2010. Compiled in this format on January 19, 2011.