Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where is $975,000 Orem has been paying for Nordstrom's tax break now?

"Orem city told residents concerned about those incentives that throughout a 25-year period of time the city would recoup $33 million in sales tax. Nordstrom has been at the mall just 10 years,consequently Orem can now save $975,000 annually paid to Woodbury.  Herald

"Getting Nordstrom into Orem did not come easily. From the earliest negotiations city leaders worked up a frenzy trying get these stores here and to keep ZCMI from leaving to go to the new Provo mall.
The city voted to give $2 million worth of property to the Woodbury Corporation for getting the store. The city also agreed to pay Woodbury $975,000 a year for the next 20 years from the excess sales tax revenue generated by the mall."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

49.4% of Orem Residents are over 65 and under 18

Is it fair to ask the unemployed people in Orem and those living below poverty level
to pay higher fees and property taxes?  Orem City has more people living below
poverty than the rest of the state.
What will the impact of increased fees and property taxes have on Orem's poverty levels,
especially the 49.4% of the population that is over 65 and under 18?
                                                                     Orem                       Utah         
Unemployment rate (2000)                               4.6%                    3.4%       
Unemployment rate (2012)                               5.3%                    6.0%         
Poverty Level                                                    8.4%                    7.9%          
Persons below poverty level  2006-2010            13.5%               10.8%
Persons 65 years and over 2010                            8.3%                9.0%
Persons under 18                                                 41.1%              41.0%

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keep big pay in City

Keep big pay in Provo

Published: May 18, 2012 01:01AM
Updated: May 18, 2012 11:54AM
Last month, the Provo Municipal Council eliminated the requirement that city department heads reside within the city (“Provo drops residency requirements for department heads,” Tribune, April 3).  Salt Lake Tribune
According to the Utah’s Right to Know website, ( Salaries) 12 Provo city employees make more than $150,000 annually; another 100 make more than $100,000.
Requiring that city employees, especially high-paid employees, live in the town where tax dollars pay their salaries accomplishes several purposes: increasing the city’s number of families, having employees with a vested interest in the city and increasing revenue through property and sales taxes.
Provo has a large number of single-adult student residents, a large number of single-parent families and many residents whose second language is English. Thirty-one percent of Provo’s residents are below the poverty line. US Census Bureau quick facts
Consequently, many families, including city employees, prefer to raise their children in communities with less of a college town environment, a smaller urban population, fewer poverty issues and schools with fewer inner city challenges.
But Provo needs the money, stability and family life of its best-paid employees. In fact, the quality of life in all cities would be better if all municipal employees lived in the cities where they work.
Peggy Burdett
 © 2012 The Salt Lake Tribune

Thursday, May 10, 2012

180 Orem City Employees earn over $90,000 annually

Karen McCandless and Mayor Jim Evans.  Photo taken by Spencer Heaps, Daily Herald Newspaper.
Utah' by Salt Lake Tribune
Orem City Salaries  
17 Orem employees are paid over $140,000
40 Orem employees are paid over $120,000
115 Orem employees make over 100,000
180 Orem employees are making over 90,000

Orem City Salaries from  Utah’s  link above
Paul B. Johnson          City Attorney                         $185,123
Bruce W. Chesnut       City Manager                          $184,457
Stanford Sainsbury     Development Serv Dir            $184,022
Richard B. Manning    Adm. Services Director           $173,378
Michael J. Larsen        Public Safety Dir                    $171,164
Louise G Wallace        Library Director                      $166,261
Stephen H. Clark        Public Safety Div Mgr.           $163,702
Robert S. Conner        Public Safety Div Mgr            $162,370
Ned R. Jackson           Public Safety Div. Mgr.          $160,295
Ernesto Lazalde          Inform Tech Div. Mgr.           $156,307
Karl R. Hirst               Recreation Director                 $156,238
Greg Stephens Deputy City Attorney                         $154,751
K. Ed Gifford              City Engineer                          $151,126
Stephen E Weber        Maintenance Div Mgr.            $149,935
Marvin Scott Gurney Public safety Div. Mgr.            $149,343
Jeffrey W Pedersen     Senior Budget Analyst            $144,917
Chris R Tachinkl         Public Works Dir                    $143,402
Philip C Murphy        Police Lieutenant                      $138, 108
Gary K. Giles             Police Lieutenant                     $137,569
Todd Mallinson          Police Lieutenant                     $138,720
Bruce G Hammond     HR Div Manager                    $134,466
Guy N.Gustman         Police Lieutenant                    $132,653
Kevin Kemp               Fire Battallion Chief               $132,604

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Orem has $1,050 debt per person

Photo Orem City Mayor Jim Evans, taken by Mark Johnston Daily Herald

#34 Orem

Debt per person: $1,050

Revenue per person: $908

Current liabilities: $92.82 million

Population: 88,328
#38 Provo
Debt per person: $983

Revenue per person: $1,078

Current liabilities: $110.62 million

Population: 112,488