Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Orem council says yes to future bridge over I-15 to UVU

Now, transportation officials are just hoping to span the freeway with a bridge that will allow the estimated 4,000 pedestrians and bikers that will be around in 2030 to cross to the other side.
At Tuesday's city council meeting, the first steps were taken to bring together public and private entities who hope to get it done. The council voted unanimously to include this bridge in the city's master plan. This would complement the Bus Rapid Transit system also planned for the east side of the main campus.
However, don't expect construction to start anytime soon. Orem city putting the bridge on its master plan simply means the city plans to put the bridge up in the future, but there are a number of other factors that will play into it. Orem transportation engineer Paul Goodrich said other several other entities that must be on board for the city to qualify for grants and public money.
"We need to partner with UDOT, UTA and UVU," Goodrich said. He indicated that all of those plus the Mountainland Association of Governments need to put the bridge in their master plans as well.
"Everyone wants it," Orem spokeswoman Charlene Crozier said. "It's just hard to find the money to pay for it."
Goodrich told the council by working together the money will be much easier to find.
Horrocks Engineers and Alta Planning completed a feasibility study on a variety of choices and locations for a connector between west and east. They came up with eight different options that include open, partially covered and completely enclosed bridges and walkways. The cost varies from style to style and from point to point between sides. Goodrich indicated there weren't any that were recommended, leaving it open for complete review and discussion by all the stakeholders involved.
However, the cost of such an adventure varies greatly. A completely open bridge with no weather protection would cost between $5 million and $7 million, a partially covered bridge between $9 million and $13 million, and a totally enclosed bridge could cost up to $19 million. The high end costs would include width for a biking path.
Councilwoman Margaret Black was concerned about the bikers on the bridges and asked that wider biking lanes be considered. The bridge will also have ADA access. For some designs that would include an elevator to the walkway.
Goodrich added that it was just six or seven years ago they were talking about possibly having a student underpass under the University Parkway. "At the time they thought it wouldn't happen for another 15-20 years," Goodrich said.
Something is needed to get people from east to west, city officials said. Estimates show a potential for major population growth as well as campus growth on the west side.
"The west side is projected to have an 11 percent growth by 2030, and UVU at 38 percent increase," Goodrich said.
Goodrich said that in the study they looked at potentially doing nothing or just providing shuttle service.
"The cost of a shuttle over a 50-year expanse would be about $10 million, the same as putting in a bridge," he said.
Once all of the entities add the idea to their master plans, they can began looking for money to build it.
Goodrich believes the university will lead out on that front with UDOT and UTA behind them.
"I like the fact we're adopting the linkage between the intermodal hub and UVU," Councilwoman Mary Street said. "It shows we're willing to work. It puts us on a list and it will be possible for public and private partnerships."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Utah County Organizing Convention Election Results May 4, 2013

Election Results – 5/4/13 Organizing Convention
County Chair
David J Acheson- 307
Casey Paul Voeks-ELECTED 390
County Vice Chair
Randy John O’Hara- Withdrawn
Daryl Acumen- ELECTED 580
Pat Holman- 126
County Secretary
Christy Kane-295
Kirby Glad- ELECTED 421
State Central Committee- – Senate District 7
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Keri Witte– ELECTED
Amelia A Powers– ELECTED
Lisa M Shepherd– ELECTED
Kari L Malkovich– ELECTED
Tamara Suzanne Atkin- Alternate
Scott Ward- Alternate
Julie P Blaney- Alternate
Preston Curtis Davis- Alternate
Yancee Michael Hardy- Alternate
State Central Committee – Senate District 11 and 13
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Heather Williamson- ELECTED
David Evan Lifferth- ELECTED
Rebecca Michele Pirente- ELECTED
Melissa Ransom Gonzalez- ELECTED
Morgan Philpot- Alternate
Jake Anderegg- not elected
State Central Committee – Senate District 14
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Daryl Acumen – ELECTED, forfeits seat due to election as Vice Chair
Kenneth Wayne Sumsion- ELECTED
Christy Kane – ELECTED
Dave Duncan – ELECTED
Kirby Glad- ELECTED
Lowell Nelson – ELECTED
Craig Allan Frank – Alternate
Holly Joy Richardson- Alternate
Rod Mann- Alternate
Mark A Steele- Alternate
David W Christiansen- Alternate
Randy John O’Hara – not elected
Brian M Greene – Withdrawn
State Central Committee- – Senate District 15
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Adrielle Herring Bowler– ELECTED
Jared Lee Jardine– ELECTED
Arturo Morales-llan– ELECTED
Brandon Beckham– ELECTED
Tai Ward Riser- Alternate
Will Fowlke- Alternate
Reed Johnson Farnsworth- Alternate
Brian Earl Jenkins– not elected
Vance Hawkins– not elected
State Central Committee — Senate District 16
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Cindy L Richards– ELECTED
Christopher Niles Herrod– ELECTED
Diane B Christensen- Alternate
Thomas Klark Kelemen- Alternate
Michael Adam Melendez- Alternate
Leo L Lines- Alternate
Joey Smith- Alternate
Stan Lockhart- not elected
State Central Committee – Senate District 27
In order of highest preference vote to lowest:
Paul Jack Baltes – ELECTED
Jackie de Gaston- Alternate
Michael A Sizer- Alternate
April Taylor Clawson- Alternate