Sunday, April 13, 2014

Republican incumbents knocked out at convention in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

                                    Greg Graves defeated incumbent Gary Anderson at convention with 64.47% of the votes.
Gary Anderson knocked out of Utah county commission race.
Over 1,400 county Republican delegates, who packed Mountain View High School's auditorium on Saturday, choose to replace Anderson with Greg Graves, of Springville, who after hearing the results of the election said he was shocked as he was not expecting to find himself as the winner at the convention.
"This was definitely not what I expected to have happen," said Graves. "I didn't think I would make it to the primary."
"My message to the voters is that we are going to reclaim our country and get back to running our government in the responsible way our founding fathers envisioned," Graves said.
Graves will have no challenger in the general election, as no other party put forward county candidates for the 2014 election cycle. Baring any unforeseen circumstances he will take over Anderson's seat in the county commission come January.
Graves said his first order of business when he takes the seat will be to work to pay down the amount of debt the county has in bonds. He said once the county is able to lessen its debt load, residents of the county will be able to see real economic prosperity.
Salt Lake County GOP reject 2 incumbents
Salt Lake County Republican delegates ousted one-term county auditor incumbent Greg Hawkins and Rep. Jim Bird, R-West Jordan. Bird, a four-term incumbent, was knocked out by Kim Coleman, a GOP activist and political consultant. She is the founder of Monticello Academy, a charter school.

Lee Davidson and Lindsay Whitehurst Salt Lake Tribune

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 Nominating Convention Election Results

District 48 – Keven Stratton is the nominee with 93%
District 57 – Brian Greene is the nominee with 69.8%
Brian Greene 58%, John Stevens 28%, Holly Richardson 15%.
Final ballot Brian Greene 69% John Stevens 30%
District 64- There will be a primary between Brad Daw – 56% and Dana Layton 44%
District 63- Dean Sanpei is the nominee with 71.7%
District 64 – Norm Thurston is the nominee with 69.9%
District 66 – Mike McKell is the nominee with 65%

County Commission Seat B
First Round
Bill Lee – 494 – 32%

Lorne Grierson – 322 – 21%

Heather Jackson- 313 – 20.42%

David Acheson – 219 – 14.29%

Casey Allen – 129 – 8.41%

Oscar Saldana – 32 – 2.%

Carlton Bowen – 24 – 1.57%
Utah County Commission seat B went to a third round with the top 2.
 Lee, 656, 43.4%, 
Grierson, 445, 29.4%,
 Jackson, 411, 27.2%.
Utah County Commission seat A race - it went to a second round also.
Greg Graves - 625, 41%,
 Greg Anderson - 437, 29%, 
Johnny Revell - 398, 26%, 
Howard Stone - 61, 4%
 Graves and Anderson went on to round 2.

County Commission Seat B – There will be a primary between Bill Lee -54.4%, and Lorne Grierson – 45.6%
County Commission Seat A - Greg Graves in nominated with 64.47%
County Attorney - There will be a primary between Jeff Buhman- 52.48%, and Ben Stanley – 47.52%
County Recorder - Jeff Smith is the nominee, with 83.12%
County Treasurer- There will be a primary between Kim Jackson- 55.07%, and  Cary McConnell- 44.93%
County Clerk-Auditor- There will be a primary between Jacob Atkin- 55.22% and Bryan Thompson- 44.78%