Sunday, April 19, 2015

Craig Frank was elected Chair of the Utah County Republican Party

At this time there are no votes posted on the Utah County Republican
Party web site.   920 out of  over 1600 delegates credentialed, however there
were 108 less votes cast in the second round  (789) of balloting for chair
than there were cast in the first round.  (897)

Chair Votes                                               Vice Chair
First Round                                                First Round
Craig Frank    289                                      Kevin Braddy       427
Kirby Glad     279                                       Scott Ward           195
Cory Maloy   167                                       Ben Summerhalder  167
Wendi Baggley 162                                    Sean Nielsen              99

Second Round                                           Second Round
Craig Frank     331                                      Kevin Braddy        479
Kirby Glad      286                                      Scott Ward              162
Cory Maloy     172                                      Ben Summerhalder  148

Kristen Chevrier   518
Becky Pirente        379

Rob Craig

Senate Districts 7 and 24                          Senate District 13 and 11
Nathan Ivie                                                  Kevin Braddy
Marcus Jessop                                              David Lifferth
Kari Malkovich                                            Heather Williamson
Amelia Powers                                             Casey Voeks

Senate District 14                                       Senate District 15
Kristen Chevrier                                           Reed Farnsworth
Kirby Glad                                                    Dann Hone
Lowell Nelson                                               Adrielle Herring
Joseph Mark Phelon                                       Arturo Morales-llan 
Kraig Thorne                                

Senate District 16                                        District  27
Chris Herrod                                                  Paul Baltes
Michael Melendez
Brian Voeks

Kurt Hanson Herald

Monday, April 6, 2015

Two New Candidates for State Central Committee

As of this morning Monday, April 6, 2015 at 7:49 a.m. there are two new
 State Central Committee Candidates that weren't posted Friday at 5:00 p.m.
which was the filing deadline.

District 7
Nathan Mark Allred   1176 S 590 E     (801)830-9249

District 16
Brian J Voeks136 E 200 Nbrian.voeks@gmail.com8014734478
As a conservative, I support the Republican platform and will work to promote our party's values and principles. I will attend every SCC meeting, defend our caucus system, and support positions that will strengthen our party and its influence. I currently work for Commissioner Bill Lee, and before that I worked on Mia Love's 2014 campaign team as her communications director. I have also spent these past two years as an unofficial "senior advisor" to our current Utah County GOP chairman. :) I hold a BA in political science from BYU and a JD from the University of Utah.

Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Candidates for Utah County Party Officers

Candidates filed for Utah County Party Officers.  Friday April 3, 2015 at 5:18 p.m.

County Party Chair o 
Kirby Glad 1175 N 910 E       (801) 376 2050 

Wendi J Baggaley        1467 E Hawk Way     385-375-0099
Principles --- People --- Politics Other ways to contact me:, facebook Wendi Baggaley or Wendi J Baggaley, and my blog,

A. Cory Maloy           3169 N Provence Ln            (801) 477-0019 
Who was the very first Republican candidate you voted for? For me, that was Ronald Reagan. See more information about me and my platform at

Craig Allan Frank        5198 N University Ave   8013623171
Served in the Utah State House of Representatives (2003-2010, 2012), PG09 Precinct Chair, State Delegate, County Delegate, State Central Committee Member. Lifelong Platform Republican. Platform Principles and Common Sense.

County Party Vice Chair     o         
Benjamin R Summerhalder      125 S 1050 W (801)375-7579           

Kevin Braddy 6615 W 9500 N   801-358-0777

Sean Lamarr Nielsen   580 N Star Ln          (801)380-9753           
I will stand up to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms as set forth in the United States Constitution, and to limit the scope of government to the authority set forth therein. Let's reclaim our platform and conservative values!

Scott Ward      974 E 1050 S          (801)805-8239           

County Party Secretary       o          Becky Pirente 3853 S McGregor Ln     (801)362-7392           
Serving in county party leadership as precinct chair and leg. chair for eight years, I've fought to preserve our caucus and strengthen our party by teaching people how they can have a voice. I am committed to electing and supporting principled Republicans. I will encourage and support all of our candidates in a fair and open process. I value the participation and contributions of each person.

Kristen S Chevrier      5626 W 11270 N  801-369-0468

County Party Treasurer      o          Rob Craig        1868 N 2600 W      801-885-7053

District 7 & 24 State Central Committee - Elect 4 ( Dist 7 residents) 
Lisa M Shepherd        895 N 2550 W     801-787-8211

Marcus Jessop            187 E Water Ln    8014713732   

Amelia A Powers        9852 S 6000 W   (801)367-9856           

Tamara Suzanne Atkin           5542 W 8400 S    8013767401   

Kari L Malkovich       715 S Skylake Dr         801-822-9149

John Clifton Clark      540 N 600 E (801)465-3616           
Vice Chair, Payson Precinct 3. I seek to represent the many moderate Republicans who may now feel disenfranchised.

Ronald Nathan Ivie     6871 S 3200 W             (801)455-4728           

Keri Witte       2895 W 1010 N           (801) 377-8448 

District 7 & 24 State Central Committee - Elect 4 ( Dist 24 residents)
No one filed in District 24.

            District 13 & 11 State Central Committee - Elect 4 ( Dist 13 residents)
David Evan Lifferth    8782 N Pinehurst Dr    (801)358-9124  
Goals: Defend our Caucus, Be accessible, Be Open, Defend our Conservative Values

Kevin Braddy 6615 W 9500 N   801-358-0777

Rob Craig        1868 N 2600 W      801-885-7053

Heather Williamson    1086 S Topaz Rd          (801)995-5365           

Casey Paul Voeks       717 S 2575 W          8018373548   
I have served the past two years as Utah County Chair and have not missed any of the State Central Committee meetings as I have represented our county. The state party is at a crossroads with SB54 and the future of the convention system. I am happy to continue to serve on the state central committee if that is the will of my senate district's delegates.

John Daniel Morris     1018 W 250 S       8013612090   
I am running as a SCC member. I have been involved in Republican Party on many different levels and I want to ensure that we have correct participation and stand for something. I plan on enforcing principles that are inline with our Constitution as well as our morals of the county and state.

District 13 & 11 State Central Committee - Elect 4 ( Dist 11 residents)
No one filed in District 11

            District 14 State Central Committee - Elect 5    
David J Adamson       485 W Hindley Dr       (801)756-1103           

Kirby Glad      1175 N 910 E       (801) 376 2050 

Kraig     Ashby Thorne 299 S Cherry Hill Dr         801-368-9874
I have been involved in the Utah County Republican Party as chair or vice chair for PG6 and Vice Chair of Legislative District 57 for over ten years. I have been an officer in the Veterans of Foreign Wars (post 4918 and District 4) for over seven years.

Kristen S Chevrier      5626 W 11270 N  801-369-0468

Lowell Nelson 11167 N 5100 W     8019039587
We must retain the strength of our caucus-delegate-convention system, promote state sovereignty as the rightful remedy against oppressive acts of the federal government, and doggedly adhere to the rules of the party and to fairness in their conception.

Joseph Mark Phelon   4018 W Cypress   801-368-4459

Howard Patrick Holman         930 N 1050 E          (801) 796-1686          

Kenneth Wayne Sumsion       1164 N 560 W            (801) 874-7679          
Currently serving on the State Central Committee and on the State Executive Committee. 100% attendance for both Committees. Served six years in legislature. This is an extremely important time for our party as we have filed a lawsuit against the state government for trying to dictate how we, as a private organization, will select our candidates. I have been in the middle of this fight the last two years and would like to see it through. You know me and my principles well as I knocked on almost everyone of your doors running for the open senate seat. I ask for your vote that I can continue to push our party to stand and fight for our caucus rights. I have a MACC and I am a CPA. I have worked in CA, AL, NC & UT in numerous industries and various accounting positions, such as, Auditor, Systems Consultant, Financial Analysis, Division Controller.

District 15 State Central Committee - Elect 4     Matthew Bowler        1847 S 400 W           801-400-3192   groups/utcons

Reed Johnson Farnsworth      319 N 250 E   (801) 358-8613          

Kevin Ryan Greene    986 W 270 S   8019211473   
Support making the party a larger tent. Support preserving and defending the caucus system. Support our nominees after convention. I believe the party desperately needs younger representation. The youth vote is crucial not only locally, but nationally.

Arturo Morales-llan    1762 S Glendell Dr     (801) 368-3660 
All you need to know about me is that I am never afraid to stand up and speak up on defense of conservative truths and principles. I take the charge of representing my constituents very seriously and I do not miss SCC meetings. I have been quoted on every newspaper in Utah, Radio and TV representing our Republican values.

Adrielle Herring          1847 S 400 W  (801)362-6075           

Tai W. Riser    526 N 450 W       801-400-0662

David Kyle     36 E 1700 S  (801)615-1532  

Dann W Hone 285 E 1910 S (801)221-1997           
11 Year Precinct Chair; 4 years Vice Precinct Chair; 15 years State Delegate; 4 Years Utah County Audit Committee (2 years as Chair); Currently Adjunct Faculty, Political Science, UVU; Emeritus Administrator/Faculty (30+ years), BYU; Board of Trustees (Chair 6 years), Crandall Historical Printing Museum; Board of Directors, Printing Industries of Utah; numerous business Board of Directors and officer, current and past; author; Father (sic children) and Grandfather (14+ grandchildren); wife Shirley Rae Stokes Hone.

District 16 State Central Committee - Elect 3    
Tom C Jarman            1339 S Alpine Way          (801)372-8914           
I support the Republican platform of Utah County. I commit to attend the quarterly meetings and represent S 16. Thanks, Tom

Norm Jackson 8855 Timphaven Rd       (801)224-4947            None
Former member of Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Vice-Chair of Provo Canyon Precinct #2. Available to attend meetings.

Japheth Abram Mcgee            255 S 700 W       (801) 358-4307          

Michael Adam Melendez       606 W 1720 N             (714)510-5796           
I will continue to defend our caucus system, encourage young people to be involved in our party, and advocate for party unity. Our party organization needs to be effective in order to be successful in elections and in promoting our platform. I currently serve as a precinct chair and on the Utah Federation of College Republicans Executive Board.

Craig Allan Frank        5198 N University Ave   8013623171
Served in the Utah State House of Representatives (2003-2010, 2012), PG09 Precinct Chair, State Delegate, County Delegate, State Central Committee Member. Lifelong Platform Republican. Platform Principles and Common Sense.

Christopher Niles Herrod       4125 N Crestview Ave        (801)836-1304           
I'm a platform Republican and believe in upholding it. Served the last 2 years on the SCC and was elected to the State Executive Committee by the SCC. 100% attendance on both Committees. Would like to serve 2 more years to protect the caucus system.

District 27 State Central Committee - Elect 1    
April Taylor Clawson            652 E 1600 N           (801)491-0630           

Paul Jack Baltes Jr      368 E 1075 N    (801)378-3231           
I have served as your representative on the SCC for the last 2 years, and in that time we've sent Sean Reyes' name to the Governor for approval (I helped campaign for him and was the first to commit to helping him); we've outlined the strategy for the lawsuit defending the Caucus system, as well as many other accomplishments for the Party. I will continue to represent you there, with your vote and continued support. Thank you very much.